Twin-calorimeter chip for the Flash DSC


Twin-calorimeter chip on ceramic base plate (standard sensor UFS1)

Mettler-Toledo in Switzerland and Xensor have together successfully developed the sensing heart in an instrument for Fast Differential Scanning Calorimetry (Fast DSC): a one-time-use twin-calorimeter chip on a ceramic base plate.
This UFS1 chip measures 5.0 x 3.3 mm2 and has two membranes of 1.7 x 1.7 mm2 with each a 0.5 mm ø sample area.
The ceramic base plate measures 24 x 24 mm2. 

The UFS1 chip allows power-compensated operation at controlled heating rates of up to 40 000 K/s (2 400 000 K/min) and controlled cooling rates of 4 000 K/s (240 000 k/min), for masses typically between 20 ng and 2 μg.

The temperature range is -100 to 450 °C for the standard sensor (UFS1) and -100 to 1000 °C for the High-temperature sensor (UFH1).

Applications are foreseen in areas such as:
-  polymer analysis.
-  pharmaceutical analysis.
-  explosives analysis.
-  metal analysis. 

See for the Flash DSC 2+: brochure or Mettler-Toledo website.